Frequently Asked Questions

For Ventures

Do you charge a fee or take an equity stake in ventures?

No, we are a 100% pro-bono organization.

What kind of success have you had with your ventures?

We have helped companies raise a collective of $3.5 million along with connecting dozens of ventures to advisors, potential clients, hires, and more.

Do you work with any other NU clubs/organizations?

We work with all of the NU organizations that fall underneath Mosaic’s umbrella. We keep consistent contact with important stakeholders within NU’s entrepreneurship ecosystem whether it be NU orgs, professors, or NU admin.

For Investors

Is there a fee? How do you make money?

We are a 100% pro-bono organization looking to support Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Are your ventures predominantly student-run or alumni-run?

Our ventures are predominantly alumni-run as we expect our founders to be 100% committed to the success of their companies. However, we support student-run ventures if the founder is deemed to balance their studies and their startup work well.

What kind of deal flow could you provide?

We provide tailored deal flow to our investors that align with their industry focus and funding stage. Our companies have been initially vetted by us to make sure that they are good fits for our investors. We are industry agnostic and deal with a wide range of companies and VC firms / angel investors alike.

Why are you doing this?

The benefit to our students comes through exposing them to high growth startups and successful VC firms, working with startups through their initial growth phase, speaking with industry professionals, and general learning about the startup/VC space.

For Students

How can I get involved?

Please see the Junior Associate Applications page for information about the application and recruitment process.

How often are Junior Associates recruited?

Junior Associates are recruited at the beginning of each semester. Please enter your email here if you’d like to be informed about applications this coming semester.

Can I apply for a specific role within HAN?

Given the size of our organization, HAN associates are not assigned specific roles when they apply. After being onboarded, all associates have a range of ad-hoc and regular responsibilities to pick and choose from.

Are students assigned to industry teams?

HAN is industry agnostic as we help a diverse set of NEU affiliated startups. While we don’t have industry teams, our team members focus on specific industries that align with their interests.

Do you need a background in PE/VC to join this club? (Do I need to be a business major)

Absolutely not! We look for students with diverse backgrounds that can provide unique perspectives and add value to our organization. Our team has a range of business, engineering, and computer science majors and we are continually looking for students from other focus areas.

What are you looking for in a Junior Associate?

We are looking for highly motivated, hard working students who are enamored with the startup/VC world. We look for diverse skill sets and diverse interests as we want our incoming recruits to offer new and unique perspectives.

What are the different roles in the club?

Our organization has a similar structure to a VC firm with a director running the overall operations, a team of VPs who fill valuable positions such as director of recruitment and director of internal relations, a team of experienced senior associates, and a team of junior associates.

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